At PGC, 100% of our funding is provided by brothers and sisters who call PGC home. We expect ALL who call PGC their spiritual home to make financial offering based on the bible's teaching and God's provision. We believe tithing (offering 10% of income) to be a biblical guideline.

Financial offering IS NOT:

- merely supplying what the church needs
- required for new comes or brothers and sisters who are visiting from another church.

Financial offering IS:

- at the core of being a follower of Jesus
- out of love - In response to God love, we are called to follow Jesus by laying down our lives and possessions
- a gateway to experience the Lord's blessings.


PGC has a tradition of not passing offering bags during Sunday worships, instead brothers and sisters are to contribute using the following methods:
1. Using offering boxes on Sundays or special worships
2. Sign up for monthly Pre-Authorized Debits (PAD)

How does Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) works?

The PAD program allows PGC to withdraw a set amount from your bank account every 5th of the month. The is a convenient way for brothers and sisters to contribute, and it also provides a stable income stream for the church to carry out its operations throughout the year.

To sign up, simply fill out the following form and attached a void cheque and deposit into the offering box on Sunday. Alternatively, you can email the form and a copy of the void cheque to