PGC Announcements (17-February-2019)

  •  Church-wide Cell Leader Retreat will be held on Mar2, 3:00-5:00pm at The Olive Branch Community Church (175 Anderson Ave., Markham). Cell leaders and deputy cell leaders from all congregations please attend.
  • Today's Teens Conference is a One-Day Training scheduled for Feb23. This year focus is “I WILL FOLLOW”. Please contact Raymond Cheung for inquiry and visit for further details.
  • A survey will be launched to all Board members, Pastoral Staff team and all Zone Supervisors to collect and analysis short term and long term needs of each congregation and ministry in building facilities and future development.
  • Building Committee is aggressively seeking logistic availability to support the needs for worship and cell meeting. Starting from March, the English congregation will have their weekly gathering at The Olive Branch Community Church. All parents please be aware.
  • iPhone/iPad app for 260 is ready for installation. For any inquiry, please contact Pastor Ken Lee.  Encourage b/s to use 260 to foster their spiritual growth at the start of the new year.

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