PGC Announcements (24-february-2019)

  • Pls pray for Rev Jim Tam preaching at Markham Peoples Community Church Sunday service
  • 2018 Tax receipts are available for pick up at booth set up at BOSS hallway.
  • Church-wide Cell Leader Retreat will be held on Mar2, 3:00-5:00pm at The Olive Branch Community Church (175 Anderson Ave., Markham). Cell leaders and deputy cell leaders from all congregations please attend.
  • Feb Prayer Meeting will be held on Feb 27 at 8:00pm at James Hui’s house. Pls join us together and pray for God’s guidance for all PGC ministries and upcoming events.
  • AFC Teens Conference 2019 is scheduled for March 11-14, suitable for youth from Grade 7-12. This year’s theme is “AM I / I AM”.  Please contact Cecil Mar for inquiry and  visit http: // for further details.

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