Welcome to Cantonese Congregation!

PGC Cantonese has 4 main zones that caters to different age group and lifestyles. Find out about each of them and join us.

Carmel Zone

Carmel zone is the most senior zone in PGC. Most of the members are retirees. There are 5 cell groups in Carmel zone. We have two cell group meetings every month, 3 in the morning and 2 at night time.

The aim of the meeting is to learn how to apply Bible teaching to our lives, to make our lives more joyful. Other than that we have different activities like Tai Chi, parties, picnic etc….
To love and care for each others is the most important elements in Carmel.
We welcome you to join our family.

Bethel Zone

The Bethel Zone mainly consists of middle-aged people who are not yet retired. Members meet Friday evening at least twice a month in the home of members. Cell activities include singspiration, devotion sharing, prayer, sermon application sharing and food. Through sharing of life experience in a supportive and relaxing environment, members could build a close relationship in Christ. Members also learn and apply the biblical truth, follow Christ and preach the gospel together. Currently the Bethel Zone has two cell groups:

Bethel A Cell: Mainly consists of couples with children of high school age and older
Bethel B/ Emmanuel Cell: Mainly consists of couples without children.

IGC Zone

Inter-generational Cell (IGC) zone is for families with children. We would like to establish the faith foundation for family to grow with children. We currently have seven cell groups, each group arranging a suitable meeting time, once a month for:
• Family gathering: With the children, we worship, play, share and pray to build the faith foundation for families and relational network.
• Dad’s group or Mom’s group: Have a break from family members and chore. Through singspiration, sermon-based sharing in application and prayer, we share life experience in a supportive and relaxing environment, and to learn to live a missional life for the Lord.
We welcome family with children to join our big family

Hingstone Zone

Hingstone is a young adults zone of PGC, we have different cell groups with regular meetings on Thursday, Friday, Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoons. In every cell group we focus on mutual mentoring, balanced growth in head (Bible knowledge), hands (our deeds and our testimony) and heart (our relationship) of every cell member, together we all strive to be better disciples of Jesus.
Hingstone is a mixed family zone, we welcome all new friends to join us regardless if you are married, single, or parents of young children!