What does PGCKIDS relaunching at SilverCity look like in the past few weeks? Check out how our dedicated team's welcoming back families and serving our Lord Jesus!

Welcome BACK to in-person PGC Kids Sunday worship and Bible classes at SilverCity Richmond Hill Cinema (Hwy 7/Yonge)

We have relaunched our in-person ministry on May 8th, 2022!

Here’s a 6 mins encouragement and important reminder from Pastor Connie for parents coming back to SilverCity.

For our 2022 summer camp news, please visit our Summercamp page!


After 2 years of meeting online, we can’t wait to welcome your family back, that we can worship, serve and fellowship with you all in person again starting on May 8th Sunday!

Parents!  Join our teams to serve and worship to glorify Jesus and love people! Email Pastor Connie (pgckids@gmail.com)

Re-launching (May 8th to Sept 5th) :  May 8th, 2022  10am at Silver City Cinema, Richmond Hill

Future Sunday’s home:  Peoples Christian Academy (Fall 2022)

Our zoom Sunday worship has officially ended on May 8th, 2022.


For families who are still choosing to staying home after May 8th 2022, weekly worship and Bible videos links will still be posted online on our website.

No live streaming for children’s worship and classes will be provided due to children’s safety concern. We choose to protect children’s faces to the public.

Sign In & Screening 

For first time visitors, please register by clicking on or scan this QR code:

PGCkids Signin QR Code

For PGCKIDS parents, Children can sign in with by clicking on or scan the QR code below prior to arrival on Sunday morning(for screening and registration)


Children will lineup for name labels upon arrival. Admission to children’s worship theatre starts at 10am.

PGCKIDS worship & Sunday school classes for 2.5 years to Grade 5:  10:15am to 11:15am

PGCKIDS Mission, Vision and Passion (MVP)

Welcome back to PGCKIDS, where children are nurtured spiritually under three crossover influences:

Home x Family Cell Groups x Sunday PGC kids learning

We are a church that loves to see families coming together, serving together, smiling together and praying together every Sunday.   When you enter into our church, you will see we have so many loving parents joining us as a strong team of volunteer teachers and helpers.  You will also see children and youth being coached and encouraged to serve together with parents!  We’re very intentional in intergenerational ministry.

Our Vision

Children growing up with an active and growing faith in Christ

Our Slogan

Gospel Story 80/5, Giving Serving Friends in Christ

We firmly believe that faith begins at HOME. Parents are first “pastors” as parents learn to love God fully as taught in Deuteronomy 6:4-9 Church can never replace you as a parent to guide, model and bless your child daily in a growing relationship with Christ. Therefore, we aim to empower parents as they enter into different stages of parenthood through Sunday school classes for new parents, pastoral care and various workshops. We empower parents to share gospel to their children, we empower parents to turn everyday living into stories of trusting God. We also measure our success by how children can have a habitual devotional life at least 5 nights per week at home. Our slogan is aiming 80% of PGCKIDS can have devotions 5 nights per week with their parents. Families are also connected into and nurtured through many Inter-Generational Family CELL-GROUPs (IGC) that meet regularly together to bless one another. We support each other and grow with each other as extended families in Christ. On Sundays, PGCKIDS come together for a special purpose to worship, learn the Bible and becoming good friends in Christ. You can visit www.theparentcue.org for weekly tips how to reinforce what the child learns at PGCKIDS or download the app “Parent Cue”.


Nursery Ministry (0-2.5 years old)   

NO NURSERY ministry is available for now at Silver city cinema until further notice.

We plan to relaunch nursery ministry when we enter in PCA later in the Fall.    However, parents are welcome to take babies/tots along to join Cantonese or English/Jr. English or even children worship together every week, provided that parents will abide by the rules that they will not touch nor photograph other children according to our Plan to Protect Policy.

PGCKIDS Classes (10:35-11:15am)

2 Big CLASSES (10:35-11:15am) only for:


(1) Preschoolers class for 2.5 yrs to SK

We invite one parent to stay with your preschooler in our early relaunching months at Silver City during this environment due to relaunch staffing needs. Your child will also enjoy worshipping with parent while you can get amazing cues how to follow-up with your child what they learn Sunday

(2) Elementary class for G1-5.

What your children should bring along each Sunday

Each child needs to

  1. bring their Bible (Bible storybook for preschoolers, and NIV for elementary) and
  2. their water bottle.
  3. A pencil case with pencil, pen, a few color pencils and a pair of scissors

Safety Measures

Every child and adult in PGCKIDS will keep wearing masks at all times until further notice. Anyone with symptoms should stay home.

No snacks in program time until further notice to ensure children’s safety in the theatre environment.

Sanitizing wipes are available at each children’s theatre for sanitizing.