Welcome to PGC Kids!

Welcome to PGC Kids, where children are nurtured spiritually under three crossover influences: Home x Family Cell Groups x Sunday PGC kids Program.

Our Vision

Children growing up with an active and growing faith in Christ.

Our Slogan

Gospel Story 80/5, Giving Serving Friends in Christ

We firmly believe that faith begins at HOME. Parents are first “pastors” as parents learn to love God fully as taught in Deuteronomy 6:4-9 Church can never replacae you as a parent to guide, model and bless your child daily in a growing relationship with Christ. Therefore, we aim to empower parents as they enter into different stages of parenthood through Sunday school classes for new parents, pastoral care and various workshops. We empower parents to share gospel to their children, we empower parents to turn everyday living into stories of trusting God. We also measure our success by how children can have a habitual devotional life at least 5 nights per week at home. Our slogan is aiming 80% of PGCKIDS can have devotions 5 nights per week with their parents.

Families are also connected into and nurtured through many Inter-Generational Family CELL-GROUPs (IGC) that meet regularly together to bless one another. We support each other and grow with each other as extended families in Christ.

On Sundays, PGCKIDS come together for a special purpose to worship, learn the Bible and becoming good friends in Christ. You can visit for weekly tips how to reinforce what the child learns at PGCKIDS or download the app “Parent Cue”

What to expect at PGC Kids


New visitors are expected to fill in a registration package before kids are admitted. We have a family ministry vision. Therefore, parents are not allowed to leave church building while children are in the program.


Nursery ministry consists of play time, circle singing, prayers, snack time and activities. Our admission to nursery are subject to a ratio of 1 staff to 2 kids. When full, parents can bring their child with them to attend adult worship.


“Giving Serving Friends in Christ” is a monthly rotation of the following activities from Sept to Jun to foster friendships: Pastor’s Story, board games, breakfast making & crafts. On Jul and Aug kids will enjoy gym time every week.


30 mins children worship followed by Bible Learning in small groups. We use curriculum that includes “Parent’s Cue” App for parents and family cell groups so that we will impact our children’s lives better with the blessing of the home and cell groups.

0 - 2.5 years old

9:30 - 10:30amParents can bring them along to attend Adult Sunday school

11am - 12:30pm Nursery Program

2.5 years to Grade 6

9:30 - 10:30amFriendship Activities

11am - 12:30pm Worship & Sunday Bible Class

Pastor Connie Liu
PGC Children's Pastor

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