Post-Service Programs

PGC Post-Service Program Arrangement

Every week of the month we do something different in order to foster an environment of growth with God (vertical) and with each other (horizontal). Here is how we have organized each month.

Week 1 — Discussion Groups (Vertical)

Break into groups by life-stage to discuss questions prepared for the sermon for this Sunday with the goal of diving deeper together into the Scriptures.

High School Girls' group will take place separately.

Junior High will have a separate Sunday School class.

Week 2 — Fellowship Lunch (Horizontal)

We meet at the cafetorium or grass field area outside the school to enjoy a time of fellowship. Pre-order food with us or bring your own lunch! Come with your whole family (including children)! Bring boardgames as well!

Week 3 — English Cell/Topical Q&A (Horizontal)

For those who are in a cell group, this is a time to meet together.

For the others, a leader or pastor will facilitate a topical Q&A time on a theological or societal issue.

Junior High will have a separate Sunday School class.

Week 4 — Prayer Meeting (Vertical)

We must pray together as a church! This is a time where we as a congregation come together to seek God in prayer for the church, for one another, and for our community.

Week 5 — Spiritual Formation (Vertical)