Praise the Lord! It’s getting to end of Week 2 of the 🏀camp.

Next week, we’ll have as many as 27 campers. Please continue to keep our coaches and campers in your prayers. May He draw the youths close to Him, esp. the non-believing ones, and strengthen the bonding among the elder and younger siblings in Christ.

Basketball Summercamp camp-end celebration

Hello Parents and Campers!


We are so excited to see all of you soon at Basketball skills and Leadership Camp 2022! It’s only a few days away! Thanks God for providing us such a great church, Milliken Gospel Church, to partner with.


2/8 - 5/8  Week 1 Grade 10-12 graduates,
8/8 - 12/8 Week 2 Grade 8-9 graduates,
15/8 - 19/8 Week 3 Grade 5-7  graduates


On the first day of arrival:


Please DROP OFF & SIGN in using BACKDOOR of church in the parking lot

Address: 8 Elson Street, Markham. Milliken Gospel Church  


Please also provide a negative Rapid Test confirmation on Day 1 of camp.  We want to provide a safe environment for everyone!


 Let’s introduce our Coach team!!!

CAMPERS daily packing list

  • A complimentary jersey will be provided first day of camp
  • Basketball Shoes (highly recommend for protection but not mandatory)
  • Basketball (the Camp will not provide basketball for every camper, please  bring one)
  • NUT FREE Lunch and 2 snacks. We will provide extra water and cold snacks daily.
  • Water Bottle
  • MASKS ARE MANDATORY FOR CAMP (We will follow MGC’s requirement)
  • Pen for taking notes
  • Bible (If you don’t have one, no worries)
  • Towel
  • Extra clothes for change
  • Medical apparatus or emergency kit if applicable (e.g EPIPEN, puffers)

CAMP will provide

  • daily cold snacks (ALL NUT FREE)
  • extra water
  • Church has first aid and AED, cold packs
  • Certified First aid & CPR first aider: Coach Jacky, Pastor Iain, Pastor Andy & P. Connie
  • All leaders and coaches have gone through Plan to Protect Training and went through Police Check

Sign in and Pick-up Procedures at Church’s BACKDOOR at parking lot

Sign in (8:45AM) 

  1. Face masks are required when parents/guardians get into the building to complete check-in 
  2. We abide by the policy and guidance of the host church MGC.Campers must have the negative rapid test done the night before DAY 1 of camp.
  3. Daily screening questions must be completed upon daily morning Sign in.
  4. All campers who need to carry medical apparatus (e.g puffers, allergic medications and Epipen etc) must bring them to camp daily.  Otherwise we won’t be able to admit him or her.
  5. Campers will have masks on all times   except Training and Games in the court  and  during lunch/snacks time.


Pick-up (3:30 PM)

  1. Pick-up starts at 3:30 pm at the Backdoor lobby area.
  2. Face masks are required when getting into the building for pick up.
  3. Please practice social distancing while waiting for your child(ren).

Additional notes:

  1. A camp book will be provided on the first day of camp.  Please go through it with your child
  2. If your child cannot come to Camp due to sickness or other urgent matters, please call us by phone 416-300-8601 (Pastor Connie)  before 9:30 am. 
  3. No campers are allowed to leave the premises by themselves during camp hours for safety reasons.
  4. No bullying, foul or offensive language will be tolerated. Any person who makes such comments will be stopped, warned and taught to apologize for the harm done. An incident report will be filled by our team members as required by our Children Policy.
  5. Should there be any injury or accidents occurred, we will follow first aid training rules and notify the parent asap.


Lastly, if you are willing to provide us a picture of your youth/family so that we can pray for your family, please send your picture to the following email (


Again, if you have any questions, feel free to contact Coach Jacky with this email address or Pastor Connie (


Thank you!

Basketball skills and Leadership Camp 2022 

Leadership Team

Camp Coach and Staff Team

Camp Director and Head coach:

Mr. Jacky Chun-Kit Lam

  • Over 15 years of experience in Youth basketball evangelistic outreach ministry in HK
  • Licensed Basketball Coach in Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong Teachers Basketball Team Representative
  • Registered Social Worker and Registered Secondary School Teacher in HK
  • Rich experience in designing and leading Children & Youth Adventure program
  • Instructor of Challenge Course of Association of Hong Kong, China.
  • Camp counsellor of Hong Kong Mountaineering Union and Leisure & Cultural Service Department
  • TOTALFIT Level 1 Coach in HK

Camp Pastor & Team leader: Pastor Iain Davis & Pastor Andy Tse

Camp Coordinator: Pastor Connie Liu

Enquires email to