“A Distinctive Christmas” PGC Online Celebration will be held on Dec 25 at 11:00AM - 12:15PM. Please invite your friends and family to join PGC Online Christmas celebration, let’s meet together and celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Below is the Zoom meeting invite. https://peoplesgospelchurch.org/christmas Meeting ID: 936 3788 3918 Passcode: 092676. Please dress in your favourite festive attire & let’s celebrate together and have fun. Please send your Christmas greetings to connect@pgcmail.org by Dec 15. We will broadcast it during the Christmas celebration.PGC Online Celebration will be held on Dec 25 at 11:00AM - 12:00PM. Let’s celebrate together as PGC big family, attire in your favourite colourful festive dressing, meet and have fun together. We invite brothers and sisters to send us your greetings by individual, family or cell, in the form of pictures, Christmas cards, hand-made crafts or video clip (less than 1 min) etc. to connect@pgcmail.org by Dec 15. We will broadcast it on the Christmas celebration program. Encourage brothers and sisters to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ together on Dec 25.  2020 is coming to the end, how's our offering life at PGC? A friendly reminder cutoff date for 2020 tax receipt is Dec 31st. You could choose 3 different methods to give. (more…)“PGC Nil Distancing Video Sharing “campaign will launch an online vote; we will select 6 awards for groups that participate in video sharing. B/s participating in the vote will enter for 10 lucky draw. We look forward to your continued support for participation. Please note that the deadline for video sharing is 8/23, online voting is 8/30 - 9/6, and voting results will be announced during the 9/13-20 period. Welcome to visit https://m.peoplesgospelchurch.org/nil-distancing-in-christ/ and review all the videos. Encourage all to continue to participate and share your videos.The Ontario Government is continuing to relax the community restrictions, PGC hopes to conduct a 2-minute online survey at this stage to gather opinion and suggestions in the reopening of cell gatherings and worship, so that we can better prepare and plan appropriately. Let us work faithfully together to chart the future of PGC for sharing the gospel and making disciples. We ask each brother and sister to submit a survey response individually so that we can get a more comprehensive opinion. Please click the link below to proceed with the survey before 11:00PM Sunday July 12.  https://forms.gle/xHsZWBdhe1BtoUdKA."PGC - Nil Distancing in Christ - Share your Love” - A group of PGC b/s with serving hearts initiated the production of fabric face masks and was sponsored by a manufacturer to make 200 masks for PGC. The church hopes that b/s can take this gift of love along with some gospel booklets to non-believer friends and neighbours. Let us share the gospel and give them greater blessings.Global Leadership Summit 2020 will be held online LIVE from August 6-7. Church leaders and b/s are encouraged to participate. PGC has some $50 discount codes, please contact Pastor Ken for the request, b/s in need may also apply for half-fee subsidy from PGC. Early bird price deadline is June 30. Online registration can be found at https://globalleadershipnetwork.ca/summit2020 .On June 24 (Wed) at 8:25-9:45 p.m, Pastor Connie will teach another online workshop on Home Purity & Faith development for 0-9 years old. Teachings based on biblical convictions, will analyze stages & milestones at all ages, and provide resources & reference tools. For enquiries and registrations, please contact Lucia and email Luciafan@pgcmail.org. PGC Zoom link will be forwarded to registrants and zone/cell leaders one day earlier.Starting in June, PGC Prayer Meeting will be held through ZOOM Meeting. The date is set for the 3rd Wednesday of each month from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. Encourage b/s to join our Prayer Meetings to pray for all our ministries.Pastor Connie will hold another online workshops for parents on June 10 (Wed) 8:25-9:45 pm. This workshop caters for parents with children of aged 6-12 years old, empower them to lead family devotion, worship and gospel sharing with their elementary children.  Please register with Lucia at Luciafan@pgcmail.org. Video meeting link will be sent to zone/cell leaders the day before.
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