• Thanks for all arrangement made for a Special Membership Meeting to happen today. The key motion for the meeting is to approve the appointment of Pastor Iain Davis to be English Pastor as recommended by the Executive Board.
  • PGC Baptism Service will be held on Aug 18 at 10:00am at BOSS. Please invite families and friends to witness the Baptism, and join a Free Lunch after the ceremony. Total of 16 brothers & sisters are to be baptized this year. They are: Cantonese (8): Emma Wong, Kar Yee Connie To, Hung Yin (Zoe) Tsang, Crystal Bing Ying Chan, Ho Yee (Queenie) Liu, Jack Kwong, Edmund Siu Wing Wong, Alvin Faith Lam. Mandarin (3) : Da Yuan Zhang, Tao Zhang, Andy Zhao. English (5): Rebecca Fu-Zhen Yip, Jade Hanna Mar, Tobi Lee, Natalee Mak, Katie Li.

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